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insane persecution complex

Why the "war?" Well, as near as I can tell, being the top-dog, religion-wise, just isn't good enough for some people. There apparently exist adherents who are so feckless and inconstant in their faith, that nothing short of constant validation will do. So when one of these lesser lights walks into Walgreens and hears "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas And Praise Be To You Who Were Smart Enough To Practice The Best Religion Ever!" something inside these adherents' psyches snaps, breaks, and they come to develop an insane persecution complex.

Every year, I hope this will be the year that everyone starts taking an adult attitude toward the Christmas season, and every year, some nimrod comes along to disappoint me. First out of the gate this year is the American Family Association, who on November 11th, issued a fatwa against the Gap, which is apparently oppressing Christians with cable-knit sweaters, or something.

- American Family Association's "War On Christmas" Gap Boycott Is A Fatwa Fail