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old slate articles

These articles were cluttering up my bookmarks:

A friend of a friend reports that since camp began, her son—a sweet child; he has two sisters—has taken to saying with gruff-voiced swagger, "I'm gonna take a leak."

- Where the Wild Boys Are: What happened when my sons went to an all-day boys' camp.

Healthy enough not to collapse at the wheel.

- How Healthy Do You Have to be to Become a Truck Driver?

Known in English as the "Friendlies" (though this is no longer an officially recognized term), the Fuwa comprise five individual entities. Beibei is a fish. Nini is—depending on whom you ask—either a bird or a kite. Yingying is an antelope. Jingjing is a panda. And Huanhuan, the leader of the Fuwa, is a child with flames leaping from his head. Their names, put together, spell out, "Beijing welcomes you."


Have we forgotten how lame most Olympic mascots are? The 1980 Lake Placid mascot was a live raccoon (which tragically died before the games even started). The 2006 Turin mascot was an ambulatory ice cube. The 1992 Barcelona mascot was an indifferently sketched dog, which the artist claimed he'd drawn while stoned.

- Stop Picking on Beijing's Olympic Mascots