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after last season

In late March 2009, a trailer for a film called After Last Season appeared on the Internet. This cryptic trailer featured a litany of weirdness, including a cardboard box masquerading as a MRI machine, Rubbermaid containers shuffling across a floor, ultra-crude 3D computer graphics, and seemingly stunned actors delivering dialogue in dazed monotone. The trailer raised numerous questions. Was this a real movie? If so, was it an elaborate put-on? The answer to the first question is “yes.” Index Square, which is the company behind After Last Season, somehow managed to get a four city 35mm theatrical release through Cinemark. As to the second question, the answer is definitely “no.” The film is not a put-on. After Last Season is, however, so genuinely and startlingly bad that a movie cult will undoubtedly form around it.

- Film Review: Mark Region's "After Last Season"