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food news and articles for august 8 - 14

In Chicago, the rent isn't as expensive and the chefs are very laid back. There is one restaurant that I will not give a name to, but it is in the selection and every time the door to the kitchen opens, the smell is…interesting. You don't know if they are actually smoking [a fat bong or blunt] or not.

- The Michelin Guide's Jean-Luc Naret on NYC v. Chicago and the Drama Behind the Stars


“People right now want to know where their food comes from, and here it is,” Mr. Rude said.

Mr. Ball said just about the same thing in Schoharie, as he drove Mr. Benno past row after row of sweet potatoes, French shallots, eight-ball squash, garlic scapes and 38 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Mr. Benno sighed. “Even the weeds are beautiful,” he said.

Now, Chefs Court Farmers for the Best Ingredients


“Once I found the heirlooms, I could find tomatoes that were all different colors and sizes, and then they came with interesting histories — Thomas Jefferson might’ve grew this, and this one’s from Japan.” Soon he was trading and growing heirloom seeds. “And then I just printed a price list.”

The Evangelists for Heirloom Vegetables


It wasn’t until Guy Fieri had autographed a yellow bell pepper with a Sharpie marker and tossed it to a fan, sprayed the people in the orchestra seats with a bottle of water and vigorously denounced the induction stove he was about to use onstage (“Give me flame or give me death!”) that his fans settled down. It didn’t last.

“There are three people you need in life: an accountant, a fishmonger and a bail bondsman,” he began, and again the crowd erupted.

Their Guy — rebel, clown, frat boy, chef — had arrived.

Guy Fieri - Chef-Dude - Is in the House


After declaring that his favorite new fruits and vegetables include peaches, apples, cucumbers, and zucchinis, 9-year-old Makael Constance of Dorchester hopped down from the podium and started munching on a pint of freshly picked raspberries.

It is a habit Makael has gotten into since July, when his family enrolled in the Fruit and Veggie Prescription Program, a mostly privately funded pilot project that aims to increase access to fresh foods by providing farmers’ market coupons.

Farmers’ market coupons used to push healthy eating


"This is my future. I don't have another job waiting for me. And there is no rich husband who thinks this is cute," she said. "This is not a lark. I am not wealthy enough to retire. This is my job."

Banker Builds a Candy Business in Bits and Pieces


Sotheby's Auction House, that purveyor of all things rare and fine, will soon dabble in something a little more pedestrian: vegetables.

But these aren't your average garden greens. On the auction block are mixed crates filled with veggies such as Turkish Orange Eggplant, Lady Godiva Squash and Pink Banana Pumpkin. Rare, indeed. The asking price: $1,000 a crate.

Sotheby's Puts Veggies on the Block


Like America's over-the-top infatuation with bacon, cevapcici (pronounced che-VAHP-chi-chi) in the Balkans inspires poetry, fawning Web sites, even hip-hop music

Sotheby's Puts Veggies on the Block


So this study isn't a scientific silver bullet against HFCS, but the war against HFCS has never been about science, really. It's always been about the fact that it's a backbone of corn subsidies that makes Midwest agriculture a massive corporate monoculture -- making it a favorite target of food activists -- and the paranoia we have of an ingredient with a distinctly processed-sounding name that we also happen to find in everything that has an ingredient label. It's always been about perception, not science.

Does high-fructose corn syrup cause cancer?


So how does it feel to be the person who has worked on the three biggest food movies in the last three years?

Well, I didn’t do “I Am Love.”

Eat, Pray, Spritz: Food Stylist Susan Spungen