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the fallout begins

"Courtney and Trace collecting flowers." Stillman's Farm Blog.

Already the fallout begins. We are hearing of farms all over New England announcing that they are done. Every employer knows you cannot replace your trained workers with just anyone and expect the work to get done correctly and efficiently. I am so afraid that the bureauocrats will wake up too late – after we have lost many farms in the state who depend on this workforce.

And has anyone stopped to ask the men who have held these jobs for so many years how they feel? Tilbert has put all his girls through college working here, what happens to him and all the others if this job is taken away. Where are the human rights considerations for these men, men who have come into our system legally for years and years? Clearly we, the employer, have no say over who we hire.

- From Stillman's Farm Blog, a family owned farm in Massachusetts. Suggestions for letters you can write to elected officials can be found here.