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I know food.

will fish be sleeping with...themselves? get it?

The scientists said that studies of the earth’s past have indicated that global warming, ocean acidification and hypoxia, or reduced oxygen content in the seas, are three symptoms of a disturbance in the carbon dioxide cycle that have been ‘‘associated with each of the previous five mass extinctions on Earth.’’

- Oceans Are at Dire Risk at the New York Times Green Blog

It’s like food. I mean, all these kids are interested in food. They write about food and they go to restaurants 16 times a week. To me, these are the pleasures of middle age. You’re jumping the gun. If you’re so interested in food when you’re 22, what are you going to do when you’re 52?

- Fran Lebowitz interviewed by the A.V. Club

So I'm perturbed that people have gotten so turned around that they think restaurant food is the best food, and that today's modern, self -aware "foodie" thinks that the highest level of cooking is to cook restaurant-style food in the home. Even in the finest restaurants, restaurant food, while delicious and deserving of its place as entertainment and theater, is really not the best food at all. It's over-sauced and over-salted and over-rich, because the only thing restaurant chefs have to worry about is that the food tastes exquisite on the table.

- Why Home-Style Cooking Will Always Beat Restaurant-Style by Sara Jenkins in The Atlantic