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200 bouncy balls and a pound of fruit gems

This post will not be about food or recipes. If you only like blog posts about food or recipes, you should not read this one. And broaden your horizons.

Mail is one of those things people complain about because they take for granted how amazing it is. It's like when people get mad at weather forecasters for not predicting the future well enough. "Now I have to pay forty-four cents for someone to take a piece of paper from me, put it on an airplane, then put it on a mail truck and finally take it directly to the house of an acquaintance on the other side of this massive country? It would be cheaper to just do it myself."

I did the math (full disclosure: I did not do any math) and it would not be cheaper.

Everyone loves getting mail, right? When I was a young child, I used to run out the front door of our house the moment I heard the postman pull up to our mailbox. Actually, I would watch him through the window and wait for him to drive to the next box so I wouldn't have to talk to him and then I would run out the front door. I would scream "I got it!" loudly so the whole house would hear and know that they didn't have to run out to get the mail immediately after it arrived; I had it covered.

I have no idea what I was so excited about. Mom and Dad's bills? Pottery Barn catalogs? I was a child and children don't receive mail. Except Highlights magazine, which was the best. Do they still print that? Probably not. Children probably get it on their My First Kindles. Or by text message. "Gfus tks the lst mp3. Glnt shrs his mp3s."

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saturday, march 19, 2011

Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey at the Boston Athenæum. Lunch of strawberries, prosciutto, crackers, cheese, a chocolate croissant and a Bueno Bar from Lambert's Marketplace. Restaurant Week dinner at Marliave: rarebits with farmhouse cheeses, lager and bacon and escargot for starters, Beef Wellington and diver scallops with pea-filled ravioli and a mushroom medley for mains and a selection of cheeses with lavender honey and the best butterscotch pudding I've ever had for dessert. Drinks: the Waterloo (Bombay Saphire, Champagne, Citronage, Lemon) and the Great Experiment (Hendrick's Gin, Mint, Lemon, Orange and Cucumber).